Helpful Links

Neighborhood Resources

Homes Associations of Kansas City (HAKC) is an umbrella organization that manages some of the administrative activities of more than 50 homeowners associations in the Kansas City area, including Wornall Homestead. You can pay your dues online and find information about other nearby neighborhoods on both sides of the state line.

Our nearby neighborhoods have active business associations that are very involved in the community, from our very own Brookside Business Association, to our Southern neighbors in Waldo, and the Southtown Council beyond that.

The Center for Neighborhoods at UMKC provides a catalyst for positive community change through capacity-building, community development and neighborhood stabilization.

Tips for Pedestrian Safety, courtesy of Ms. Martin’s class.

How to be a good neighbor, courtesy of Nicolas from Ms. Martin’s class.

City Resources

The City of Kansas City website includes many resources and an enormous amount of data, including the following departments which residents often interact with:

  • Planning will help you with plan reviews, permits, and inspections.

  • Neighborhoods and Housing has information about redevelopment, pet licenses, and regulated industries.

  • The Parks and Recreation department provides information about our city’s extensive park system and available amenities.

  • Public Works contains info about trash pickup, recycling, leaf and brush drop off, etc.

Municipal Codes:

  • Find our city’s entire code of ordinances at Municode. (Link to the Wornall Homestead Overlay Ordinance)

  • Use the city’s 3-1-1 system to report everything from a street light out to a code violation, check the status of a report, view a map of violations, or just ask a question to the city.


  • The Kansas City Parcel Viewer is a geographic information system (GIS) that allows you to overlay vast amounts of information about properties within Kansas City, including dimensions, districting, right-of-ways, owners, complaints, zoning, etc.

  • Similarly, the Jackson County Parcel Viewer is a GIS which presents some of the same information, as well as higher-level attributes about various properties that are applicable at the county level.

  • The SpotCrime website is the recommended crime mapping website from the Kansas City Police Department.


Wornall Homestead residents typically use the following utilities:

Although Kansas City clears snow, many of the streets in Wornall Homestead are not considered the city’s highest priority. Therefore, we provide additional snow removal services any time a minimum snowfall amount is met to ensure that our residents can safely access their homes and reach cleared roads throughout the city.


Jackson County’s website provides access to common services, such as the Assessment Department (real and personal property taxes) and the Collections Department, where you can pay taxes and declare property online.

Jackson County reassesses real estate property values every two years. If your assessed value increases, it is very likely that your property taxes will increase accordingly. If you disagree with a reassessment, you typically have three levels of appeal:

  • Informal review: This could include a recent appraisal, real estate sales contract, photographs, etc.

  • Board of Equalization appeal: This requires a form and a hearing, which you have the option to appear at.

  • State Tax Commission appeal: Typically must be filed within 30 days of the Board of Equalization’s decision or (usually) September 30th (whichever is later).